I am a “jill-of-all-trades" kind of designer. Years ago, I was in a committed relationship with print, but it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the digital design world. Since then, I spend most of my work life helping brands create their online presence through web design and development, UX/UI, logos, social media, email campaigns…and yes, I still visit with my first love, print.

What gets Ana out of bed

A comically large flat white and the pair of Magpies that have moved in next door.

Who are Ana’s role models?

My mates. I have the best people around me. A highly curated bunch of absolutely hilarious, smart go-getters, who don’t sugar-coat things and always drive me to be my best self.

What is the one social issue Ana would like to fix?

Violence against women. The stats in this country are frightening. No woman should fear for her life whilst simply trying to live it.

Three words that describe Ana

Kind, Funny, Curious.

What smoothie Ingredient is ANA?

Definitely (Ana) banana.

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What do I do?

I’m a seasoned project management and communication expert with a knack for simplifying the complex. Picture me as the conductor of a symphony, orchestrating projects with finesse.

In my toolkit, you’ll find top-notch stakeholder management skills, finely tuned communication strategies, and a passion for making sure everyone’s on the same page. I thrive on turning stakeholder insights into actionable project plans, ensuring smooth sailing from start to finish.

I bring a sense of enthusiasm and positivity to every project. It’s not just about getting the job done; it’s about creating an atmosphere where collaboration thrives.


What gets me out of bed?

The ocean – my family swims all year round in the southern ocean. Brrrrr. The beauty and majesty of Mother Nature keep my feet grounded and remind me of my insignificance.


Who are your role models?

My sisters. My mother. My aunties. My daughter. I am at the stage in my life where I can see the unseen work and worth of female contribution to the world we live in. It inspires me daily.


If you could contribute to fixing one social issue – which one and why?

The fight against climate catastrophe keeps me up at night. The loss of biodiversity, the impact on vulnerable communities, mass extinction of species, apathetic politicians. It will be the biggest issue of our generation and those to come. I’d love to do more.


3 words that describe you.

Magnetic, Enthusiastic, Optimistic


If I was a smoothie ingredient, what would I be?

Frozen mango, every time. I am the ‘smooth’ in the smoothie.


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Professionally, Rachael is a Community Engagement and Insight Manager with a background in Project Management and Coordination; however, her real passion lies in social media and engagement.

She is A fierce supporter of women's and LGBTQIA+ rights and has a keen interest in tech and SEO.

She has held firm to the belief that there are four key ingredients to her success: inclusivity, community, diversity, and kindness. Rach has found herself continuously inspired to regard these core values.

What gets Rachael out of bed

My Son… no, seriously, he wakes me up every morning. No alarms are needed in my house.

But my passion is community engagement. Bringing people together to make waves and get sh*t done.

Who are Rachael's role models?

Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Edith Windsor are who I’d say are my famous role models, but if we are talking about people who have inspired me personally, it would be my mum. When it comes to badass women thriving through adversity, she is top of my list.

What is the one social issue Rachael would like to fix?

Without a doubt, it would be something for LGBTQIA+ rights. As a rainbow community member, I have witnessed how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go.

If I could fix one thing, it would be equality and inclusion for all humans. Now wouldn’t that be amazing!

Three words that describe Rachael

Kind, Inquisitive, Loyal

What smoothie Ingredient is Rachael?

Raspberries – They make everything better!

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Im an API Integration Engineer, Technical & SEO writer, surfer.

What gets Joy out of bed

I have always had a thing for finance and technology. Originally hailing from the fintech startup world, I moved on to work in banking at an enterprise level so that I could experience the scale of getting my work in front of millions of customers.

Throughout my career I’ve traversed across non-technical and technical roles. Now, I work at the intersection of my skills; blending my passions for APIs, automation, writing and mentoring junior engineers.

Fun facts about things I value:

  • I love digging into complex processes and creating automation flows
  • I enjoy writing technical documentation and SEO content (especially if it’s in the tech/finance/travel space)
  • I speak engineer but I can also explain things without technical jargons
  • I find meaning in mentoring juniors

Who are Joy’s role models?

Nature, Sky Brown, Oprah Winfrey.

What is the one social issue Joy would like to fix?

The global environmental crisis. I love surfing and free diving and have seen the devastating impacts of global warming, pollution and overfishing on our oceans.

Three words that describe Joy

Free-spirited, curious, independent

What smoothie Ingredient is Joy?

Grated fresh ginger – slightly peppery and sweet, with a spicy aroma 😉

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Im a Community Builder, Space Maker, Vision Finder, Brand Definer, Impact Advocate, Word Scriber

What gets Matty out of bed

Working with motivated people, on great projects, to make awesome companies even more awesome.

Who are Matty's role models?

My role models are the people in my life that I have relationships of authenticity, depth and truth with. Relationships that require no preamble. I learn so much from them. And the many authors whose words inspire me.

What is the one social issue Matty would like to fix?

Belonging. When we are disconnected from ourselves and our community our wellbeing suffers. When we are connected and authentic, we can thrive personally and that flows outward to our community and natural environments.

Three words that describe Matty

Connect, Evolve, Play

What smoothie Ingredient is Matty

Most definitely Avocado!

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My passion is helping organisations transform through technology and people and culture. I’ve worked with companies that spent huge amounts of time every month simply trying to understand their financial position last month, taking them to be in control of the levers and gears that influence their profitability next month. I’ve worked with companies where the IT team and management were disconnected and neither felt they understood the other, implementing the structure and values that bring about trust and confidence and make the IT team the backbone of the business.

What gets David out of bed

Working with motivated people, on great projects, to make awesome companies even more awesome.

Who are David's role models?

Alan Turing – the father of computer science, whose brilliant work on a programmable machine saved countless lives and ended World War II sooner. His persecution later in life was a terrible injustice and the world is poorer for it.

W Edwards Deming – who taught us quality cannot be an afterthought (aka “this garment was checked by inspector no. 5”) but must be built-in to the process.

Malala Yousafzai – who stood up for the right of women to education; she was cruelly shot in the head for espousing one of the most basic of human rights. Yet, she survived, and is the world’s youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate and her work to help girls go to school and reach their full potential goes on.

What is the one social issue David would like to fix?

Climate change – not only is it a serious issue causing mass unprecedented weather events and destruction, but it shames me that in my youth the issue could have been tackled but was considered an extreme, fringe view and only the craziest of people would go on about it. It’s an issue that has been progressively becoming worse yet was mocked and ignored. There’s no way to change the past but we can sure change the future. The challenge is working out how we as individuals can bring about huge change.

Three words that describe David

Kind, Humorous and Curious

What smoothie Ingredient is David

Ok, I’m going to go with banana – not because I’m a little bananas at times, but because 9 out of 10 dieticians say I’m good for you 😀

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I am a creator, a manifestor and an ideas machine. A vibrant and communicative leader in visual esthetics and storytelling, I have cultivated a career as a performing artist, creative producer, writer, stylist and educator. My organisation, We Are Untold is focused on advancing the economic, cultural and historical value of women through representation in the arts. I strive to challenge the perception of gender bias roles and the parallel between the lack of female stories documented in history and the value of women in society. A mother of three, I am inspired by maternal and child development and influenced by the impact of art on health, culture and society.
What gets Megan out of bed?
The infectious laughter and one million unanswerable questions from my kids. Followed by lots of coffee to deal with said questions, and more laughter.
Who are your Megan's role models?
My role models are anyone who is brave enough to speak the truth, learn from their mistakes and be compassionate enough to allow others the time and space to do the same.
If you could contribute to fixing one social issue – which one and why?
The gender gap, and more specifically the motherhood penalty. By addressing the motherhood penalty and changing the patriarchal structures in society we foster a care economy that improves life balance, physical and mental health, relationships with partners and children, and promotes a more inclusive and diverse society. And, by addressing this issue, we have an increased capacity and a stronger, more connected life and workforce, to address other issues.
Three words that describe Megan.
Vivacious, empathetic, passionate
If Megan was a smoothie ingredient what would you be?
Ginger- nurturing, warm and a bit spicy.
Connect with Megan

I’m a software architect by trade and a geek at heart. I find my forte in designing software solutions that solve complex problems. I use techniques like Domain Driven Design, Event Based Architectures and several design and integration patterns that have historically proven their efficacy in producing solutions that are accurately functional, performing, maintainable and stand the test of time. In my spare time I build custom pcs and overclock them too. Geek all around.

What gets Omar out of bed?

God, Family, Work (well I really enjoy what I do).

Who are Omar’s role models?

Stephen Hawking, Nelson Mandela, Avicenna and Al-Khwarizmi.

What is the one social issue Omar would like to fix?

Poverty & Homelessness. Until humans have equal opportunities cover their basic needs, opportunities and well being we cannot claim that we’re moving towards justice.

Three words that describe Omar

Geeky, nerdy, outspoken

What smoothie ingredient is Omar?

A Kiwi! The only super fruit on earth 🙂

Connect with Omar

After 10 years in management and strategy consulting, I joined our family healthcare and manufacturing businesses for a new challenge. Before this, I worked on strategy, large transformations, and a range of merger and acquisition activities for companies both in Australia and across the globe.

What gets Byron out of bed

The desire to get stuff done! A curly (but achievable) challenge, which ultimately improves the way things are done. Hopefully, making peoples’ lives easier.

Who are Byron's role models?

I like to learn from different attributes from different people, be that the steadfast determination and grit of Angela Merkel or the creativity and whimsy of Josh Thomas.

What is the one social issue Byron would like to fix?

Inequality in all its forms – particularly in the workplace. Having people from diverse backgrounds bringing unique views from a variety of perspectives and experiences not only improves decision-making and outcomes, it also helps create a level playing field for everyone and normalises differences!

Three words that describe Byron




What smoothie Ingredient is Byron

The milk (take your pick – dairy, almond, soy – I drink all of them!). I keep all the other ingredients together and make sure we’re all working in harmony.

Connect with Byron

I design, communicate, generate ideas and collaborate. I'm a passionate creative with a love for people and the community. I'm interested in the way that design challenges people to think about the world around them and how we can use creative solutions to improve these experiences. I channel this energy into creating design strategies to help brands find their voice.

What gets you out of bed?

A good idea and great night sleep

Who are your role models?

People who get sh*t done exceptionally well despite their challenges

If you could contribute to fixing one social issue – which one and why?

Equal education opportunities for all. Knowledge is a gift. Who knows what amazing minds are missing the chance to thrive and change the world.

Three words that describe you

What Smoothie ingredient are you?
A sweet hit of honey. It's good for you, tastes great and lifts the other ingredients. Just like a great brand!

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Rania awad is the CEO and co-founder at Digital Smoothie

Rania Awad

Strategist, Entrepreneur, Technologist, Mum.

Liza Boston

Entrepreneur, VC, Founder, Connector, Artist

Kerstin Norburn

Ideas. Words. Videos

Micheline Chami

Process optimisation, ecommerce specialist, attention to detail

Adrienne Tilley-Lefèvre

Coach, Change expert, empathy activist, board gamer, Mum.

Clarissa Ramsey

Customer experience evangelist, mum

Michelle Lollo

Journalist, writer, storyteller

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Jason Robertson

Geek, web developer, tech lover

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Photographer, surfer, mum

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Ben Kelly

UI/UX, Brand Identity, Surfing

Vanessa Kelly is a design strategy consultant for Digital Smoothie

Vanessa Kelly

Design and brand strategies

Byron Kelly

Byron Kelly

Management & Strategy Consultant
Digital Transformations, M&As

Omar Besiso

Solutions Architect, Software Engineer, Philosopher

Megan Champion

Creator, Manifestor, Ideas Machine

David Williams

Data Nerd, Writer, Engineer

Matty Lawrence

Community builder, Space Maker, Brand definer

Joy Seng

API Integration Engineer, Technical & SEO writer, surfer.

Rachael Byrne

Community Engagement & Comms

Alex Boston

Project Management, Comms Expert

Ana Garcia web designer and UI/UX expert.

Ana Garcia

Graphic Design
Digital Focus

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Engagement Strategies for Digital transformation success

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How To Brief Content That Meets Your Strategy Goals

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What is a vision?

What’s In A Vision?

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Building and communicating an inclusive strategy

Building and Communicating An Inclusive Strategy

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Transform your culture in 5 minutes per week

Transform Your Meetings (& Your Culture) In 5 Minutes a Week

One of the greatest shifts of our generation is the desire to find a sense of purpose in the workplace. This has only been accelerated by the pandemic and is one of the drivers of ‘The Great Resignation’. Millennials and GenZ now make up most of the world’s workforce. They care less about security and […]

Is culture the missing piece from your strategy

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Effective Change Management For Digital Transformation

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Most common strategy mistakes

Four Common Strategy Mistakes

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Mixing all the strategy key ingredients into a blender to produce a delicious digital smoothie

It ALL Starts with Strategy… And..

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How’s your idea muscle going?

Do you know we have an idea muscle?  It might be hidden under blah and leftover 2020 stuff and busyness but it’s there. Just waiting… Years ago I read a great post by the accessibly smart James Altucher about how coming up with ideas is something we need to work at.  Regularly. His impetus to […]

Doing what’s right over what’s easy

When leading ourselves, others and our businesses, how can we better live our purpose and values? Clear the path to choose whats right over what’s easy.

When your values lose their meaning

Working as a team with the same North Star and shared motivations for problem solving is the ideal. What I see too often is a gap (sometimes a whole time zone) between what a company, a leader, a person says and what they do.

I have a dream…

The world is on fire. We have arrived in 2020 with a confusing unraveling of what it feels like to be human in the world. The time has come to heal and repair, to use our knowledge for the good of the planet and the people and to build the future we have imagined.

Why story telling matters…

Her stories mesmerised me; the energy in her storytelling rippled through me. She was like a giant glass of sparkling water overflowing with big, boisterous bubbles that snapped, crackled and popped with life and living.

Your Time starts Now…

It used to be called an elevator pitch.
Back when we rode elevators (that was so 2019)
That short conversation that explains an idea, product, business or person in such a clear and clever way that your audience immediately understands. And gets excited about it.