Megan Champion

I am a creator, a manifestor and an ideas machine. A vibrant and communicative leader in visual esthetics and storytelling, I have cultivated a career as a performing artist, creative producer, writer, stylist and educator. My organisation, We Are Untold is focused on advancing the economic, cultural and historical value of women through representation in the arts. I strive to challenge the perception of gender bias roles and the parallel between the lack of female stories documented in history and the value of women in society. A mother of three, I am inspired by maternal and child development and influenced by the impact of art on health, culture and society.
What gets Megan out of bed?
The infectious laughter and one million unanswerable questions from my kids. Followed by lots of coffee to deal with said questions, and more laughter.
Who are your Megan's role models?
My role models are anyone who is brave enough to speak the truth, learn from their mistakes and be compassionate enough to allow others the time and space to do the same.
If you could contribute to fixing one social issue – which one and why?
The gender gap, and more specifically the motherhood penalty. By addressing the motherhood penalty and changing the patriarchal structures in society we foster a care economy that improves life balance, physical and mental health, relationships with partners and children, and promotes a more inclusive and diverse society. And, by addressing this issue, we have an increased capacity and a stronger, more connected life and workforce, to address other issues.
Three words that describe Megan.
Vivacious, empathetic, passionate
If Megan was a smoothie ingredient what would you be?
Ginger- nurturing, warm and a bit spicy.
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AI: Survival of the fittest

AI: Survival of The Fittest

As the Founder and CEO of gender equity arts organisation, We Are Untold, and a Digital Smoothie Content Creator, I would describe my days as multifaceted multi-tasking. Currently, I am whisking up short film and podcast scripts, legal contracts, art installations, writing content, project managing and communicating with around fifty different contributors, alongside the development […]

Building and communicating an inclusive strategy

Building and Communicating An Inclusive Strategy

I like to match words. It’s my jam. I also liked to match fruit and vegetables when I was a kid and imagine them getting married.. like avocados and mangoes (same same but different colour), and carrot and parsnip (which actually taste delicious when mashed together). So it’s serendipitous that I am now part of […]