The destination and the journey.

What is a vision?

Is it that moment of realisation when you see that thing, that possibility, that idea that sparks something inside of you that creates knowing beyond the rational?

For some, a crystal clear picture of what could be, should be and will be. So real and true in its resolution but not yet realised in the physical world. And then it’s followed and focused on, the deep sense of knowing tested along the way as it strives to become reality.

Or is it something else?

For others, a feeling or sense of what could be, a tiny but revelatory epiphany seemingly minute in its individual content but so expansive and invitational to the next step in the process and emergence of the bigger picture. In this instance, all parts are incremental like each brush stroke of a portrait, so small but so important to the end result. Each bread crumb a taste of what’s next.

We experience visions differently.

I have experienced two different pathways to a vision. And at times, they overlap and fold on each other like the ocean swell hitting the shore and bouncing back out to sea.

The Destination Vision and The Journey Vision

Destination visions call us to a picture of undeniable clarity and compel us on the journey to follow.

Journey visions call us to the next step on the path through feeling and intuition and the destination arrives progressively.

In both instances we can, if we are open, willing and faithful to our vision, reveal the insights, connections, experiences and adventures that nudge us on, sometimes so obviously beautiful. Not all of these are what we would call positive, but they do come with the challenges filled with opportunities to grow, expand our perspectives and encourage evolution and create new ways of being.

Resistance to these is the great blocker to your individual journey.

On the flip side and in the relativity of wholeness, when we open ourselves up to our innate senses and feel into the flow and synchronicity, inspired action is possible. Everyday miracles happen regularly and we’re blessed if there is the awareness to recognise them (even the tough ones). You met that person, you found that piece of information, you experienced that thing that changes everything.

Both dynamics play an important and complementary role, for what journey follows a linear path, the expected path? And what journey isn’t without adventure and possibility for new horizons? If you knew what was going to happen, would you still be inspired to follow it? Or would the preference be for the comfortable, the easy, the normal?

I know what I would choose.

So how do you experience your visions? Through the clarity of the destination. Or the breadcrumbs of the journey? Maybe it’s both, either way, I wish you well on yours.

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