Byron Kelly

Byron Kelly

After 10 years in management and strategy consulting, I joined our family healthcare and manufacturing businesses for a new challenge. Before this, I worked on strategy, large transformations, and a range of merger and acquisition activities for companies both in Australia and across the globe.

What gets Byron out of bed

The desire to get stuff done! A curly (but achievable) challenge, which ultimately improves the way things are done. Hopefully, making peoples’ lives easier.

Who are Byron's role models?

I like to learn from different attributes from different people, be that the steadfast determination and grit of Angela Merkel or the creativity and whimsy of Josh Thomas.

What is the one social issue Byron would like to fix?

Inequality in all its forms – particularly in the workplace. Having people from diverse backgrounds bringing unique views from a variety of perspectives and experiences not only improves decision-making and outcomes, it also helps create a level playing field for everyone and normalises differences!

Three words that describe Byron




What smoothie Ingredient is Byron

The milk (take your pick – dairy, almond, soy – I drink all of them!). I keep all the other ingredients together and make sure we’re all working in harmony.

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