Adrienne Tilley-Lefèvre

Professionally Adrienne is a change manager and performance coach for teams and individuals.
Adrienne comes with 20 years of HR + behavioural change management and training experience gained in globally and nationally reputed brands such as Apple, Country Road, Coles, Ogilvy PR and most recently with clients such as Ampol. 
Known as the Human Solar Panel, Adrienne powers up the strengths of others for playing the big games (sustainably). She passionately believes in the importance of culture, and the role of the individual within teams. She believes we need to collaborate, not homogenise!
Adrienne is here to encourage being real and making the big changes that a sustainable and inclusive world needs to succeed. Adrienne’s key areas of  expertise and focus are:
• Behavioural Change Management incl. Communications
• Culture strategy and development incl. EVP (Employee Value Proposition), purpose and values
• Coaching (individual and teams) – NeuroLeadership Institute model + Squadify team performance acceleration tool
• Talent and Leadership Development using emotional Intelligence and “Conscious Leadership” skill models.

What gets Adrienne out of bed?

Coffee (and my early rising baby!)

I’m here to do my part to make a brilliant future – not just a better one – turning up the confidence dial for one incredible person and one courageous conversation at a time.

Who are Adrienne’s role models?

The famous ones: Nelson Mandela; RBG; Brené Brown; Adam Grant; Greta Thunberg.

My real heroes are a part of my every day. They are my husband, my parents, Rania Awad and Clarissa Ramsey (Founding Smoothies) and my few other very nearest and dearest besties. They all “do the work” and “walk the talk” – they show up in all their human glory and create incredible experiences, art and businesses. They challenge, they struggle, they achieve and they love with every part of their being.

What is the ONE social issue that Adrienne would like to fix?

What? The empathy deficit.

Why? I want to see a world where we don’t have refugees. I want to live in a community where people see themselves as global citizens with a natural reflex to recognise the humanity and rights of those fleeing discrimination, persecution and inherently eligible to participate in a healthy economy and environment.

How? Connection.

• A free and diverse press able to do invest in detailed investigative journalism and to report on the truth no matter the consequences for those in power.

• New social media models not based on monetary growth, but on truth and curiosity.

• Inclusion, sharing stories and giving platforms for the stories of the varied faces, minds and hearts of humanity.

Three words that describe Adrienne

Empathic, honest, courageous.

What smoothie ingredient is Adrienne?

Blueberry – the superfood that packs great nutritional punch, fights what makes us ill and tastes LUSH!


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