Hey there! So ChatGPT turned one this month and we’re all curious about the rollercoaster ride we’ve had with AI becoming as common as avocado toast, right? Well, grab a coffee, and let’s celebrate ChatGPT’s 1st birthday with a walk down memory lane over the last 12 months.

It’s important to note that although OpenAI released an early demo of ChatGPT on November 30, 2022 to the public – GenerativeAI and the technologies underpinning it have been decades in the making.

Let’s Kick off with some of the cool stuff GenAI’s been doing

Instant Information Access

Imagine being in the middle of a trivia game and—bam!—you need a quick fact check. AI’s got your back faster than you can say “Google.” It’s like having a little genius in your pocket, always ready to help out with homework or settle those heated debates about which planet is the windiest (it’s Neptune, by the way-NASA).

Breaking Down Barriers

And don’t get me started on breaking down barriers. Ever tried to read a menu in a language you don’t speak? It’s like trying to understand a cat’s meow. But AI’s swooped in like a superhero translator, turning “je ne sais quoi” into “I totally get it” in a flash.

Enhanced Creativity

Creativity’s had a caffeine shot thanks to AI, too. Remember when you thought you could be the next Mozart? Well, now there’s AI that can mash Bonjovi and Chopin into a masterpiece.. Or is it? (SoundCloud)

Economic Growth

Economically speaking, AI’s been cooking up a storm, promising to sprinkle some extra dough across various industries. It’s like a baker kneading bread, except it’s churning out billions in potential global economic activity (McKensie&Co)

Personalised Experiences

Craving a personal touch? AI’s turned things like movie night into a “just for you” experience. Forget browsing for hours; streaming services  are now so tuned into your likes, it’s like they know you better than your BFF.

Environmental & Medical Breakthroughs

And it’s not all fun and games; we’re talking serious stuff like medical breakthroughs and greener living. AI’s out there folding proteins like origami (DeepMind -AlphaFold), a problem that science has been stuck on for 50 years, which could help us better understand how proteins are structured and better tackle diseases. Imagine AI as a tiny lab assistant, except it’s supercharged with brains and doesn’t need a lunch break.

The Not So Great Stuff

But hold up, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Let’s chat about the not-so-glam side of AI.

Privacy & Trust …or Lack Of

First up, privacy—or should I say, “What privacy?” There’s a bit of a Big Brother vibe with companies hoovering up data like it’s going out of fashion.

Then there’s the whole trust issue. AI’s a bit like that friend who always has the “best” shortcut, but sometimes you end up at a dead end—like when smart cars get a tad too smart or content filters decide to play gatekeeper a little too eagerly.

Economic Displacement

Economic displacement’s another party pooper. Robots are cool until they start doing the moonwalk into jobs that humans used to do. It’s a bit like a robot talent show where the prize is your pay cheque. Goldman Sachs estimates that AI could replace the equivalent of 300 million jobs Its important to note that these figures vary wildly depending on which report you are reading.


And ethics? Oh boy, it’s the wild west out there. Sometimes AI gets it wrong, like mistaking a cat for a dog or getting a bit too judge-y with facial recognition – is it really “unconscious bias” baked in? It’s like AI’s wearing those beer goggles; things can get a little fuzzy.

Human Touch

Let’s not forget the warmth of human touch—  the Customer experience, AI cant replace human interactions (yet?). ​​Customers want someone they can relate to and who understands them. New automation technologies like generative AI work best when embedded within a team of human support agents facilitating repetitive tasks (Forbes) and leaving the humans to curate experiences & sometimes you just need a high-five instead of a thumbs up emoji. 

ChatGPT turns one. How has GenAI Impacted the world in the last 12 months?

More To Come

And there you have it, folks—our little trip down memory lane has come to an end, but don’t fret, this isn’t goodbye. It’s more like “to be continued…” because we’re just getting started on a digital diary of AI reflection and discovery.

As we blow out the candles on AI’s first year party cake, we can’t help but wonder: What’s next? Well, we’re diving keyboard-first into a sizzling series this month written by our trusted smoothies titled “How AI has Changed the Way I Work?”

Every week, we’ll unpack the pixel-packed suitcase of stories on how AI is reshuffling the deck in our work lives. We’ll meet the word wizards, the number-crunching divas, and the design ninjas—all those who’ve found a new colleague in AI.

So, stay tuned, and get ready to click your way through the tales of triumphs, the tutorials of tech, and yes, even the tribulations of trusty humans navigating the binary waves of AI at work. It’s going to be a ride worth bookmarking, and we promise it’ll be more fun than organising your email folders.

See you in the next post!

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