Liza Boston

A serial digital disrupter and technology entrepreneur, Liza has a showcased ability to inspire next level creative thinking to re-shape the new world order in a disrupted marketplace.

Liza has designed, founded, led and scaled high-tech, hi-growth digital companies in Australia, UK, USA and China. With the convergence of digital media and emergence of big data, Liza’s ground breaking work often requires co-creation and collaboration with a suite of next level thinkers and creators, including venture capitalists, software engineers, poets, podcasters, publishers, illustrators, composers, live music performers, directors, producers, gamers, photographers – to name but a few. Sometimes Prime Ministers and Priests.

Liza has a reputation as a leading thinker in global digital markets. The art of ‘story’ is a central tenant to Liza’s success, from formulating digital products and key creative concepts, to closing venture capital rounds to create the future we have imagined – it’s about captivation and connection. Achieving the world-first design, development and global launch of a revolutionary live music platform (Soundhalo), broadcasting live to 196 countries in real time, from patent beta concept, to closing multiple VC funding rounds and spearheading a disruptive global operation to the delight of shareholders, fans, top 50 artists, labels, teclo giants and consumer brand partners.

Some of Liza’s Achievements:

Venture Capital (Capital Raise, Investor Materials, Coaching, Speaking)

Business Strategy + GTM Strategy

Digital Strategy

Digital Product Development (Web/iOS/Android/IPTV/PS4/XBox)

Transmedia Strategy (YouTube/Vimeo/IGTV/TikTok/SnapChat/Twitter/Facebook)

Creative Direction

Content Development (Writing/Scripting/Producing)

Game Theory + Game Development

Short Film Direction + Production

(Watercolours + Poetry!)

Companies (2006 – 2020)

Soundhalo: Director (UK, USA, Asia, Australia); Patent holder of live music broadcast platform;

Boston Digital Media Founder (USA, Australia, Asia); Entertainment technology – brand partner development, strategy, digital strategy.

Boston Digital: Full service digital media agency, founded in 2004

Wolf Tide Films: co/Founder Director/Creative Producer/Writer

Liza Boston Partnerships (1999 – 2019)

Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Universal, Google, Twitter, YouTube, O2, AT&T, Netflix, Fox Sports, Fairfax, Starbucks, Australian Grand Prix, Sony, BBC, Origin, Qantas, ANZ, Metro, PwC, Live Nation, SXSW, Uber, Australian Unity, KPMG, Instagram, Periscope, NAB, Telstra, Ansett.

What gets Liza out of bed?

An innate love of and connection with mother nature. The ocean gets me out of bed, its life affirming qualities and limitless power. The pure energy transfer from freezing water submersion in the Bass Strait, means that first thing every day you get to do one thing that scares you, that allows you to overcome your fears and nourish your mind, body and soul before you even get to your desk. Immersing myself in game changing digital technology solutions in global markets is the natural translation of this practice, swim local, think global.

Who are Liza’s role models?

Strong female leaders of colour. Great thinkers and poets, the architects, artists, strategic creators, song writers, mothers, academics whose actions and words are centered in ethical choices that understand we have the power to unmake and remake the world in the image of what we imagined it could be for our children.

What is the ONE Social issue that Liza would like to fix?

Climate catastrophe is my single minded social issue as it bleeds into and informs how we operate as human beings on the planet, it cases war, inequity, social disunity and destruction. We are in the midst of an emergency and every decision we make in the next ten years is impactful to the future of the planet.

Three words that describe Liza

Passionate, Brave, Innovative

What smoothie ingredient is Liza?

Nut Butter; packs a punch to every smoothie, full of high voltage protein, spreads like wildfire through the entire smoothie and a necessity to make it tasty. BOOM!

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I have a dream…

The world is on fire. We have arrived in 2020 with a confusing unraveling of what it feels like to be human in the world. The time has come to heal and repair, to use our knowledge for the good of the planet and the people and to build the future we have imagined.