“On an artistic level I play what I want to play, say what I want to say and lets the chips fall where they may. This is a kind of freedom.  The universe has had it’s best shot at me and I am still kicking around.” – Nick Cave

The world is on fire. We have arrived in 2020 with a confusing unraveling of what it feels like to be human in the world.  The time has come to heal and repair, to use our knowledge for the good of the planet and the people and to build the future we have imagined.

My dream as a Smoothie is to create new ways of seeing and understanding each other as a world repairing act. Diverse ingredients are imperative to drive future narratives and there has been no greater time to put forward alternative opinions, to connect on an achingly authentic, human level.  Humanising the digital paradigm comes naturally to us.

I don’t write about climate catastrophe because words do not do it justice, because I kicked over a full room of chairs and screamed into the abyss. I will not tell you how much our planet or economy is hurting right now, I will just respond to its existential threats with all of the kindness and storming innovation that I can muster. We need a tonic for the new world order, we need something potent, vital, smooth, something calming and assuring. We need the digital smoothies.

In conversation with the planet, where does it hurt?




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