Do you know we have an idea muscle?  It might be hidden under blah and leftover 2020 stuff and busyness but it’s there. Just waiting…

Years ago I read a great post by the accessibly smart James Altucher about how coming up with ideas is something we need to work at.  Regularly. His impetus to come up with ideas was quite dramatic, and he’s got specific ideas of how and where to write and what to write on …

But what I took away from it is this…

Just do it. Each day write down 10 ideas that are new to you. They don’t have to be ideas you’ll use, or related to work or home or your life, it’s just sparks. And as we know sparks spark more sparks, and eventually maybe a fire. In you. For one of your ideas.

Then, let them go.

Don’t hold onto your ideas. Don’t force them to become reality. Share them about if you think someone can use it (or will get a kick out of it). It’s not about results, it’s about practice and play and forcing your brain to make connections that it wouldn’t generally make.

If there is an idea that sticks, then work at it. See if it’s more than just an idea and it’s a possibility. Run with it.

But mainly, it’s about coming up with ideas.

Right now, I’m sitting outside in the sun, reading a text from a friend just out of hotel quarantine and receiving New Year’s wishes from a Whatsapp friend group that includes a vet.

They may have sparked the ideas muscle because today, my ideas include:


(A sunscreen bottle that yells at you when it’s time to reapply – I’m thinking you could personalise with your own voice)


(a kit that can be delivered to those in iso with things that spark joy and has a ‘fill it in’ book for good thoughts)

Your Cat hurts where?

(picture books for animals with common ailments)

Are they brilliant? No. Possible? Probably not? Original? Who knows?

It’s not really the point.

The point is I sat down and exercised my ideas muscle.

And I’ll do it again tomorrow.

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