As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words… Your brand imagery has the power to instantly tell your brand story, connect with your ideal customer, and uniquely appeal to their deepest desires. 

Studies show that people understand images faster than words and remember them longer, and if there’s a discrepancy between what we see and hear, our brains will choose to believe what they see. Our brains prioritise visual information over other kinds, making images the fast track to connecting all marketers seek. Using images in your content is a simple yet effective way to grab your audience’s attention without demanding it. Ensure the images you choose bring value to your brand, accurately reflect your product, service, or campaign, and immediately tell your followers your story.

Amazing imagery attracts attention

If we have a thing, it’s our attention; from it, everything comes & goes. In today’s world, brands are essentially fighting for our attention through every channel available to them – this is why social media has exploded, as it’s the ultimate attention tool. For brands to socially grab (and hold) the attention of their ideal client, they need powerful, precise & aspirational imagery that not only creates a strong sense of desire in their ideal customer. But also puts them right in the picture. Above any other forms of content (copy, digital visuals etc.), imagery has the power to ‘stop the scroll’ and immediately demand attention.

Placing your customer in the story 

To reach your target audience, you must first define your target audience. And for this, you need to understand your customers. You can do this by building a consumer avatar. A customer or buyer avatar is a representation of what your ideal audience would be like. Then you can create aligned imagery that is aspirational to that audience. You can use the talent that has the qualities of your ideal client in your photographic campaigns, literally putting your ideal customer in your brand.

Limit your words

When using an image, it’s important to remember that your photo should reflect your brand’s message. If you want to show how happy customers are because of your product, your photos must reflect this. Or, if you want to post an inspirational quote, make the background awe-inspiring. Pro tip: Striking an emotional chord is a powerful way to reach your target audience. If you want users to feel joy, your imagery should evoke happiness. If you want them to feel empowered, use an image that conveys strength.

Quality of imagery 

The quality of your imagery matters big time. Again, think of your ideal customer – do they value quality? Using iPhone images to sell second-hand goods on Marketplace is fine, but iPhone or stock imagery for brands that are selling the idea of quality & and an aspirational lifestyle need professional images to match. The specific quality & professional production of an image is subconsciously talking to your customers, so brands need to be conscious of how they are producing their imagery.

The bottom line

Imagery is a powerful tool for promoting your brand & connecting with your target audience. Using target audience-specific, high-quality, and high-resolution images show your brand in a better light and grabs your customer’s attention. This leads to new aligned customers, stronger loyalty & more revenue. 

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