Kerstin Norburn

I’m an idea-ator.

I come up with ideas. I workshop ideas. I collaborate on ideas.

I help turn average ideas into great ideas.

I write a mean brief, and turn the complex into simple.

I make videos with people, computers and artists.

I link smart people to other smart people.

I’m fast. Deadline meeting. And fun.

I like to work in the flow.

What gets Kerstin out of bed?

Sunshine & Curiosity

Who are Kerstin’s role models?


Jacinda Adern


Greta Thunburg

Julia Gillard

Dolly Parton

Malaha Yousafzai

Gillian Triggs

What is the ONE Social issue that Kerstin would like to fix

Just one?


Access to opportunities.

Allowing everyone, regardless of who they are, where they are from, what they look like, feel or love, access to opportunities.

It’s the foundation. From there, we build.

Three words that describe Kerstin

Curious. Creative. Kind.

What smoothie ingredient is Kerstin?

A tropical fruit.

A piece of Mango.

I add colour, flavour and a little bit of pizazz.

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Kerstin's Thoughts

A robot representing ChatGPT holding a pen to get ready to write content

ChatGPT Vs Human: Who wrote it best?

One of the things I do as a Smoothie is write. I write to engage. To simplify the complex. To tell stories and illuminate ideas. I mainly write for the spoken word. You know who else writes? ChatGPT. So I challenged us to go head to head. Write one paragraph on why to use ChatGPT […]

How to brief content that meets your strategy goals

How To Brief Content That Meets Your Strategy Goals

Let’s talk cake. It’s your job to organise the cake for a big birthday. For that big moment, the singalong, the candle, the celebration. It’s a big deal. You got the name of a great baker, with amazing recipes, from a trusted friend. You & the baker chatted about cake flavours, fondants, toppings & how […]

How’s your idea muscle going?

Do you know we have an idea muscle?  It might be hidden under blah and leftover 2020 stuff and busyness but it’s there. Just waiting… Years ago I read a great post by the accessibly smart James Altucher about how coming up with ideas is something we need to work at.  Regularly. His impetus to […]

Your Time starts Now…

It used to be called an elevator pitch.
Back when we rode elevators (that was so 2019)
That short conversation that explains an idea, product, business or person in such a clear and clever way that your audience immediately understands. And gets excited about it.