One of the things I do as a Smoothie is write. I write to engage. To simplify the complex. To tell stories and illuminate ideas. I mainly write for the spoken word.

You know who else writes? ChatGPT.

So I challenged us to go head to head.

Write one paragraph on why to use ChatGPT for writing

ChatGPT Response

Using ChatGPT for writing offers numerous benefits, making it a valuable tool for content creation and communication. GPT, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer, leverages its vast pre-existing knowledge and language understanding to assist writers in generating high-quality content efficiently. It can provide instant inspiration, assist in brainstorming ideas, improve the clarity and coherence of text, and even help with editing and proofreading. Its versatility spans various writing genres, from academic papers to creative storytelling and marketing copy, making it an invaluable resource for writers seeking to enhance their productivity and creativity while ensuring their message resonates effectively with their audience.

My Response

I could do it in one sentence.

So you don’t have to write it yourself.

But, following the prompt… One paragraph on why to use ChatGPT for writing.

Sometimes, getting started is the hardest part of a project. It’s like getting out of bed. You just must do it. So, if someone else did that bit, and you were already out of bed and showered and just had to decide what to wear, well, that would be helpful. Now, with ChatGPT, you can get a head-start on your writing with a reasonable, good, or even great first version. Just by entering the right prompt into the system, the research, format, and words appear like magic. In the style you request. With the facts generally fact-checked!

And you can even do it all in bed.

Content  writing  - AI Vs Human

Write one paragraph on why not to use ChatGPT for writing.

ChatGPT Response

While ChatGPT has its merits, there are important reasons to exercise caution when using it for writing. One significant concern is the potential for bias and misinformation in generated content, as the model learns from vast and unfiltered internet data, which can perpetuate harmful stereotypes or inaccuracies. Additionally, GPT-generated text may lack a human touch, missing the emotional depth and authenticity that can be crucial in personal or sensitive communications.

Moreover, over reliance on ChatGPT can stifle one’s own creativity and writing skills, hindering personal growth as a writer. Lastly, there are ethical considerations regarding plagiarism when using ChatGPT for content creation without proper attribution or original input, which could lead to legal and reputation issues.

Therefore, using ChatGPT for writing should be done judiciously, with a critical eye, and always with an understanding of its limitations and potential pitfalls.

My Response

Good writing is like a good personality. It’s a combination of experience and interests and quirks and foibles and successes and failures. Of bike-rides and haircuts and strange conversations on the 86 tram. Short sentences. Quirky punctuation! So… losing all the interesting edges for a middle ground is fine. But fine isn’t great. It’s not for the interesting, left-of-field anecdotes that bring a story to life. It’s not for the original analysis of ideas. It’s not a linear line from prompt to memorable result. But it’s fine. If fine is what you want.

So, there you go. The choice is yours. Choose. Or don’t choose. Use the best bits of both that enhance the project. That’s what I do.

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