Rania awad is the CEO and co-founder at Digital Smoothie

Rania Awad

Im a digital transformation business leader & strategist . A lover of all things technology and solving complex business problems.

My passion is helping people and businesses succeed.

I do this by sharing my knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship, business strategy, digital transformation, eCommerce and change management with select organisations and projects.

What gets Rania out of bed

My daughter – She has given me a new appreciation for early starts! Since becoming a mum – I genuinely want to do my part in making the world a better place and so every day I get out of bed excited to do my bit to achieve this big task.

Also a juicy digital transformation challenge that Im working to solve.

Who are Rania’s role models?

Any woman who has had to juggle work, family and unbearable cultural expectations.

What is the one social issue Rania would like to fix?

Breaking the vicious cycle of being born in a low socio-economic class and its impact on young girls – from lower standards of education, food and ultimately work opportunities.

Three words that describe Rania

Brave, Honest, Firecracker!

What smoothie Ingredient is Rania

I’m the keep-cup that holds all the smoothie ingredients!

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Rania's Thoughts

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