Matty Lawrence

Im a Community Builder, Space Maker, Vision Finder, Brand Definer, Impact Advocate, Word Scriber

What gets Matty out of bed

Working with motivated people, on great projects, to make awesome companies even more awesome.

Who are Matty's role models?

My role models are the people in my life that I have relationships of authenticity, depth and truth with. Relationships that require no preamble. I learn so much from them. And the many authors whose words inspire me.

What is the one social issue Matty would like to fix?

Belonging. When we are disconnected from ourselves and our community our wellbeing suffers. When we are connected and authentic, we can thrive personally and that flows outward to our community and natural environments.

Three words that describe Matty

Connect, Evolve, Play

What smoothie Ingredient is Matty

Most definitely Avocado!

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Matty's Thoughts

What is a vision?

What’s In A Vision?

The destination and the journey. What is a vision? Is it that moment of realisation when you see that thing, that possibility, that idea that sparks something inside of you that creates knowing beyond the rational? For some, a crystal clear picture of what could be, should be and will be. So real and true […]