David Williams

My passion is helping organisations transform through technology and people and culture. I’ve worked with companies that spent huge amounts of time every month simply trying to understand their financial position last month, taking them to be in control of the levers and gears that influence their profitability next month. I’ve worked with companies where the IT team and management were disconnected and neither felt they understood the other, implementing the structure and values that bring about trust and confidence and make the IT team the backbone of the business.

What gets David out of bed

Working with motivated people, on great projects, to make awesome companies even more awesome.

Who are David's role models?

Alan Turing – the father of computer science, whose brilliant work on a programmable machine saved countless lives and ended World War II sooner. His persecution later in life was a terrible injustice and the world is poorer for it.

W Edwards Deming – who taught us quality cannot be an afterthought (aka “this garment was checked by inspector no. 5”) but must be built-in to the process.

Malala Yousafzai – who stood up for the right of women to education; she was cruelly shot in the head for espousing one of the most basic of human rights. Yet, she survived, and is the world’s youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate and her work to help girls go to school and reach their full potential goes on.

What is the one social issue David would like to fix?

Climate change – not only is it a serious issue causing mass unprecedented weather events and destruction, but it shames me that in my youth the issue could have been tackled but was considered an extreme, fringe view and only the craziest of people would go on about it. It’s an issue that has been progressively becoming worse yet was mocked and ignored. There’s no way to change the past but we can sure change the future. The challenge is working out how we as individuals can bring about huge change.

Three words that describe David

Kind, Humorous and Curious

What smoothie Ingredient is David

Ok, I’m going to go with banana – not because I’m a little bananas at times, but because 9 out of 10 dieticians say I’m good for you 😀

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David's Thoughts

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