David Wingate

I am an OmniChannel Digital Marketing Specialist with over 25 years experience. I specialise in marketing automation, Hubspot, Meta, Google, and Amazon. I love leveraging data analytics and CRMs to design seamless buying journeys.

Omnichannel Marketing strategy optimises a customer's buying journey across channels for a seamless brand experience, with improved lead generation & sales conversions.
I help our clients:
• AUDIT their digital footprint and opportunities,
• LEVERAGE their data and assets, and
• OPTIMISE their digital marketing strategy and marketing automation.

Think of me as your commercial and analytical marketing strategy partner with 25 years of FMCG retail, foodservice & e-commerce experience, here to help you make sense of your existing data and analytics and strategically deploy them for optimal returns on your marketing campaigns.

I am still shocked at how easy it is to significantly improve a brand's digital media performance and lead generation by leveraging the business's existing content, data, and customer insights.
This is before we start working on the larger opportunities of integration and marketing automation, which sometimes require some digital transformation investment.

What gets David out of bed?

My Son. Becoming a father has provided me a renewed passion to help people grow, achieve their goals and to share my learnings with the next generation.

Who are David's role model?

My mother, a Scottish woman of keen intellect who broke through the status quo 50 years ago as a female doctor in a country town. She taught me to never accept the status quo, and have an open ear and heart for those around you.
“Most people are limited by their own beliefs far more than the challenges in front of them.”

The “PENTIUM INTEL” chip brand team who recognised in the 1990’s after two decades of battling competitors as a B2B commodity product, a sticker visible on the computer would enable them to build a brand relationship directly with the end consumer.

What is the one social issue David would like to fix?

Interconnectedness of Society. I see a breakdown of communities in our ever-more time-poor and screen driven lives.
Living in St Kilda, I discovered a small group of dog owners who were using a common park. We connected and grew that community of 20 people to over 1,000 local dog owners to protect our access to public areas, represent a force to council and engage socially online and in person for improved pet/owner lifestyles.

Three words that describe David

Human Centric

What smoothie Ingredient is David?

Bush Honey. Sweet and sticky with something a little different to elevate the other flavours.


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