Omar Besiso

I’m a software architect by trade and a geek at heart. I find my forte in designing software solutions that solve complex problems. I use techniques like Domain Driven Design, Event Based Architectures and several design and integration patterns that have historically proven their efficacy in producing solutions that are accurately functional, performing, maintainable and stand the test of time. In my spare time I build custom pcs and overclock them too. Geek all around.

What gets Omar out of bed?

God, Family, Work (well I really enjoy what I do).

Who are Omar’s role models?

Stephen Hawking, Nelson Mandela, Avicenna and Al-Khwarizmi.

What is the one social issue Omar would like to fix?

Poverty & Homelessness. Until humans have equal opportunities cover their basic needs, opportunities and well being we cannot claim that we’re moving towards justice.

Three words that describe Omar

Geeky, nerdy, outspoken

What smoothie ingredient is Omar?

A Kiwi! The only super fruit on earth 🙂

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