Alex Boston

What do I do?

I’m a seasoned project management and communication expert with a knack for simplifying the complex. Picture me as the conductor of a symphony, orchestrating projects with finesse.

In my toolkit, you’ll find top-notch stakeholder management skills, finely tuned communication strategies, and a passion for making sure everyone’s on the same page. I thrive on turning stakeholder insights into actionable project plans, ensuring smooth sailing from start to finish.

I bring a sense of enthusiasm and positivity to every project. It’s not just about getting the job done; it’s about creating an atmosphere where collaboration thrives.


What gets me out of bed?

The ocean – my family swims all year round in the southern ocean. Brrrrr. The beauty and majesty of Mother Nature keep my feet grounded and remind me of my insignificance.


Who are your role models?

My sisters. My mother. My aunties. My daughter. I am at the stage in my life where I can see the unseen work and worth of female contribution to the world we live in. It inspires me daily.


If you could contribute to fixing one social issue – which one and why?

The fight against climate catastrophe keeps me up at night. The loss of biodiversity, the impact on vulnerable communities, mass extinction of species, apathetic politicians. It will be the biggest issue of our generation and those to come. I’d love to do more.


3 words that describe you.

Magnetic, Enthusiastic, Optimistic


If I was a smoothie ingredient, what would I be?

Frozen mango, every time. I am the ‘smooth’ in the smoothie.


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Alex's Thoughts

Illustration of a stylized robot engaged in project management activities, depicted against a vibrant blue background. The robot, with a rounded red head, two dots for eyes, and a segmented hose-like arm, is interacting with various abstract elements representing project management tasks. These elements include speech bubbles, checkmarks, a gear symbolizing settings or configuration, a line graph indicating progress or analytics, and a question mark representing queries or issues. The text 'DIGITAL SMOOTHIE' is placed in the bottom left corner, suggesting the name of a company or product related to the graphic.

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