Micheline Chami

E-commerce operations expert with over 14 years of experience.

I’m passionate about process devising and optimisation.

My key strengths are in driving performance, reducing inefficiencies, cutting costs and successfully coordinating the e-commerce operational activities of multiple channels.

What gets Micheline out of bed?

I wake up every day with the sense of purpose in making a difference by creating positive changes in the environment I’m in and believing in the work I do. Making that difference on both professional and a personal front makes me look forward to that new sunrise.

Who are Micheline's role models?

Growing up in a country shattered by civil war and political corruption has made me realise that inspirations are imbedded everywhere and in everyone who have risen above violence, abuse, discrimination and any inhumane circumstances.

It’s inspirational to see a child finding the energy to play and put on a smile while battling cancer and people who lived through wars for decades, losing loved ones, yet still finding happiness in the smallest things life has to offer.

I am motivated, inspired and empowered by any story that puts things in perspective for me highlighting how lucky I am, giving me that extra push to achieve my goals.

What is the ONE Social issue that Micheline would like to fix?

Poverty – I believe poverty is a contributing factor of many other social issues such as crimes, illiteracy, discrimination, wars, child mortality, child labour and so on.

This ancient problem is a constant battle as it evolves with society, political interests and private agendas. Its manifestations include hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and other basic services, social discrimination and exclusion.

If I could contribute in working towards solving poverty, I would begin with strengthening the public education sector, skills training, implementing healthcare systems, providing and creating more job opportunities with gender equality and shifting people’s priorities to address this core issue.

Three words that describe Micheline

Loyal, Honest, Dependable

What smoothie ingredient is Micheline?

Chilli…. For that extra kick!

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