Clarissa Ramsey

An experienced business operator, focused on customer centric practices aligning core functions across Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. Reducing friction and delighting customers, leading teams with empathy and energy.

What gets Clarissa out of bed?


Finding any path to do things better.. Incremental steps to support our planet. Incremental steps to help others find their Why. Living with purpose.

Who are Clarissa’s role models?

Sheryl Sandberg, Brene Brown, Adam Grant, Michelle Obama, Dr Libby, Simon Sinek, Stephen Covey, Nina Simone, Friday Kahlo, Marina Abramovic…

What is the ONE social issue that Clarissa would like to fix?

The future of our planet. It is easy to become very overwhelmed by the amount of change we need to implement as a human race on this planet to ensure its survival. I overcome this by taking small steps each day that are within my control to ensure I am doing what I can. I am contributing to our planet by living (almost) off the grid. I focus on limiting waste, never buying bottled water and limiting food purchased in plastic. I focus on the things that are within my control in hope of contributing to the greater good.

Three words that describe Clarissa

Grounded, Calm, Open

What smoothie ingredient is Clarissa?

Coconut cream. I would be in the background, subtle. But an essential ingredient that pulls everything together.

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Customer Experience as the Centrepiece of Your Strategy

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