Joy Seng

Im an API Integration Engineer, Technical & SEO writer, surfer.

What gets Joy out of bed

I have always had a thing for finance and technology. Originally hailing from the fintech startup world, I moved on to work in banking at an enterprise level so that I could experience the scale of getting my work in front of millions of customers.

Throughout my career I’ve traversed across non-technical and technical roles. Now, I work at the intersection of my skills; blending my passions for APIs, automation, writing and mentoring junior engineers.

Fun facts about things I value:

  • I love digging into complex processes and creating automation flows
  • I enjoy writing technical documentation and SEO content (especially if it’s in the tech/finance/travel space)
  • I speak engineer but I can also explain things without technical jargons
  • I find meaning in mentoring juniors

Who are Joy’s role models?

Nature, Sky Brown, Oprah Winfrey.

What is the one social issue Joy would like to fix?

The global environmental crisis. I love surfing and free diving and have seen the devastating impacts of global warming, pollution and overfishing on our oceans.

Three words that describe Joy

Free-spirited, curious, independent

What smoothie Ingredient is Joy?

Grated fresh ginger – slightly peppery and sweet, with a spicy aroma 😉

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