Illustration of a stylized robot engaged in project management activities, depicted against a vibrant blue background. The robot, with a rounded red head, two dots for eyes, and a segmented hose-like arm, is interacting with various abstract elements representing project management tasks. These elements include speech bubbles, checkmarks, a gear symbolizing settings or configuration, a line graph indicating progress or analytics, and a question mark representing queries or issues. The text 'DIGITAL SMOOTHIE' is placed in the bottom left corner, suggesting the name of a company or product related to the graphic.

AI’s Evolution in Project Management: Promise, Challenges, and the Human Factor

  • AI,Change
  • Alex Boston
  • 23 February 2024

In the ever-evolving realm of project management, the infusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) heralds a transformative journey brimming with both promise and challenges. AI might be able to pass every exam – but it’s going to be a bumpy road for those holding on to its coattails.   Take the high-profile lawyer who used AI […]

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An AII Bot scratching ts head in deep thought. Navy blue blackground.

Ecommerce Transformation 1998 to 2024

In the bustling corridors of the American University in Cairo, back in September 1998, I embarked on a seemingly straightforward project: to build an e-commerce site. What follows is the task list which was exhaustive and reflective of the era’s technological limitations: Designing for the past The website had to be meticulously planned to look […]

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Main banner of the Riding the AI Wave blog showing a robot and several e-commerce icons

Navigating the AI Wave: Transforming the Role of E-commerce Professionals

  • AI
  • Micheline Chami
  • 30 January 2024

In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, success hinges on adaptation, and today, we ride the AI wave. As a humble E-commerce expert (having worked in E-commerce for 20 years+), the infusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has profoundly shaped my typical workday, revolutionising the industry’s operational landscape. This transformative technology has not only altered my daily […]

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AI: Survival of the fittest

AI: Survival of The Fittest

As the Founder and CEO of gender equity arts organisation, We Are Untold, and a Digital Smoothie Content Creator, I would describe my days as multifaceted multi-tasking. Currently, I am whisking up short film and podcast scripts, legal contracts, art installations, writing content, project managing and communicating with around fifty different contributors, alongside the development […]

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David williams takes through every day AI use cases that we can all try today

From Science Fiction to Daily Assistance: Applying AI in the Workplace

  • AI
  • David Williams
  • 7 December 2023

When I was a boy, artificial intelligence was the realm of science fiction; computers that would hold conversations with us in perfect English, that would analyse strategies and forecast risk, and even that would give near-sentient life to awesome supercars that would carry us into dangerous spy missions and out again. Remarkably, here we are […]

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A robot representing ChatGPT holding a pen to get ready to write content

ChatGPT Vs Human: Who wrote it best?

  • AI,Content
  • Kerstin Norburn
  • 30 November 2023

One of the things I do as a Smoothie is write. I write to engage. To simplify the complex. To tell stories and illuminate ideas. I mainly write for the spoken word. You know who else writes? ChatGPT. So I challenged us to go head to head. Write one paragraph on why to use ChatGPT […]

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ChatGPT - A year in review

GenAI Adventures: A Year in Review

  • AI
  • Rania Awad
  • 21 November 2023

Hey there! So, you’re curious about the rollercoaster ride we’ve had with AI becoming as common as avocado toast, right? Well, grab a coffee, and let’s celebrate ChatGPT’s 1st birthday with a look back at highlights and lowlights from the last 12 months.

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