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The Mccartney team came to us looking for ideas to relaunch the McCartney Real Estate brand as the #1 Real Estate agent on the Surfcoast Victoria (which they are). They had done some preliminary work on the brand and were now looking to expand that to be reflected on a new Mccartney real estate website.  


With our  "Strategy first" approach, we took the Mccartney team on a brand discovery journey through various workshops and one on one meetings with team members to help them define the brand's purpose, the "Why", which was articulated beautifully as follows: "Our dedication to the beautiful Surfcoast community extends beyond our business as we actively contribute to making our neighbourhood a better place to live. We are not just your real estate agency, we are your trusted partner in the journey of home ownership and property investment." A comprehensive analysis of current market, competitors, target customer segments and internal processes was conducted to produce a Brand strategy,  UX recommendations and an iterative website design. Key to our work was ensuring a seamless integration with the client CRM -  REX, to eliminate manual and double handling of  processes such as listing and updating  properties and responding to enquiries. An integration with "Rate My Agent" was also implemented to highlight the exceptional reviews that the McCartney team continually collect.  


A beautifully designed website that is easy to use and content rich. Since its launch in January, we have seen over  100% improvements in key metrics such as Totals sessions,  Total sessions with events (contact agent) and Engagement time.
Client McCartney Real Estate
project Brand Strategy, Website Development & CRM Integration
services Strategy, Social good, Design
date January 9, 2024