The image features a circular portrait of a woman with fair skin and shoulder-length curly brown hair. She has a friendly expression, with a slight smile and warm, engaging eyes. She's wearing what appears to be a black top or dress. The background of the photo is blurred, focusing the attention on her. Her appearance is professional, suggesting that this could be a corporate headshot or professional profile image.

Philippa Abbott

I am a systems and human centred designer, creative thinker and change-maker that
has developed a unique and high impact strategy practice over 15 years of
professional experience. With demonstrated experience across industries within
organisational and systems transformation, customer experience design and strategic
development including a breadth and depth of experience in design research, service
design, fieldwork, strategy, digital experience and innovation. I love to work
collaboratively with my team, clients and users and am well experienced in co-design
and participatory processes. I am personable, highly adaptable and resilient, can
think on my feet, adjust quickly and value deeply what I do and why I do it.

What gets Philippa out of bed?

Through design we can build a better world.
Supporting clients and businesses to optimise their product and service offering and
build the future effectively together. I am passionate about social impact and climate
adaptation and building fruitful economic avenues and models to maximise good
whilst building healthy sustainable businesses.

Who are Philippa's role model?

Mike Cannon Brookes – Builds a billion dollar industry whilst being deeply invested in
changing the system and disrupting at scale through strategic intervention.

Vandana Shiva – working in the future of food for many years and a really amazing
and inspiring activist.

Bunker Roy – Barefoot College solar engineer model has now reached millions of
people. It shows that knowledge and entrepreneurial capacity is everywhere!

What is the one social issue Philippa would like to fix?

Climate adaptation. Climate is a social issue – from poverty and livelihood, food
supply and cost of living, housing, migration, biodiversity, wellbeing and mental

Three words that describe Philippa


What smoothie Ingredient is Philippa?

Mango – tropical, delicious, bright, creatively prepare it like no other fruit.. and
makes all the other ingredients taste better!


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